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Music Together®

Music Together programs around the world offer a mixed-age, research-based, parent-child class for infants, toddlers, preschoolers & kindergarten children in which experienced early childhood music specialists lead songs, instrument play, rhythm chants, and movement activities in a relaxed yet structured setting. Music is learned through play with activities that support and respect the unique learning styles of very young children. Music Together classes nourish a family's efforts to create a rich and joyful musical environment at home, regardless of their own musical abilities, with the accompanying take-home materials.  The program develops your child's innate potential to gain basic music competence (tonal and rhythm skills) while fostering a love of music for life-long enjoyment.  It is also a satisfying cultural experience and an opportunity for you to bond with your children through music.  Read what parents and grandparents have to say here.




Family Jam

 A music and movement class for families...  adults, babies and big kids alike will enjoy interacting with the group musically, learning songs, trying out the instruments at Amy's Milford studio and moving to a variety of music from around the world.  Sing, dance and experiment while developing musical skills such as singing in tune and moving (or playing) with accurate rhythm. Learn the body of American folksongs that have survived the test of time in the oral tradition.  Puppets, drums, ukuleles, rhythm instruments, accordion, keyboard, fiddle, banjo, or guitar will be played by Amy in class each semester.  Research on the effects of early music exposure indicates that music learning supports learning across the curriculum.  Music/movement also develops the whole child-- physically, cognitively and emotionally, stimulating more areas of the brain than any other one activity, according to brain-imaging research. This music experience is also available to preschools, family parties or home-school groups by appointment at your location or mine.  For Amy's bio click here.  (There is no age limit for children in this class)    Joyful exploration in a fun group setting.  Amy Conley has been leading young families to music since 1986 in MA and NH.



Amy's Family Jam Intro

Amy's Family Jam Intro is a six week session of great songs and rhythms from around the world, and from Amy's CD  "I Sing Every Day."   New instruments will be demonstrated each week,  Guitar, Banjo, Djembe, Accordion, Keyboard, Violin.   Rhythm instruments explored each week also, all while singing and dancing, exercising the body, mind and spirit with uplifting music that will stretch the imagination and develop skills of tone and rhythm.   All ages are welcome.  Seniors attending with no children, call Amy for a special discount!

Homeschoolers' Music

This is a mixed age family class (parents included) designed for ages 7-11 that combines singing, movement and basic ukulele, and teaches adults the basics about music for their homeschooled children.  After singing and putting songs into songbooks and basic ukulele instruction, a new instrument will be demonstrated each week. Creative movement, circle games, synchronized drum aerobics and more activities to develop rhythm, creativity, spatial awareness, cooperation and vocal ability. Drama and puppets are added for fun.  Included in tuition is a Kala dolphin ukulele and digital tuner.  Other ukuleles are available to use in class for parent and siblings.

Ukulele Beginners

Class for Beginners (Adults/Teens/Kids over 11)  wishing to learn a wonderful instrument and many styles of music.  No previous music knowledge necessary!  Ukuleles have gained recent popularity all over the country because of their ease of playing, wonderful sound, portability and musical versatility.  We'll sing and play in a group (group singing has been shown to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system), working in the key of C. Great songbook, The Daily Ukulele with 365 songs. If you need a ukulele, Amy can help you choose one that fits you!


Ukulele Adv. Beg.

For students who are comfortable playing the chords C, Am, F, G, G7, C7, Em, Dm ...  OR  have taken Ukulele Beginners.  New chords and more songs in the key of C, as well as songs in the key of G.   Singing songs and playing from The Daily Ukulele book.  (Note to guitar players: The Baritone uke is tuned like the highest four strings of the guitar and a Baritone version of the Daily Ukulele is also available, so talk to Amy if you are considering the larger, deeper and guitar-like qualities of the baritone ukulele.  Baritone ukuleles can be purchased at Indie Music in Milford)   

Ukulele Intermediate

Ukulele class for those who have taken Ukulele Beginner,  Ukulele Adv.Beg., or for those who can already play basic chords in the keys of C and G.   This is also a great class for people who play guitar, since it will be easy for you to learn ukulele chords quickly.   Tuition prices will vary if you need a tuner, ukulele or The Daily Ukulele book.  In this class we will start to work through more complicated songs in the Keys of C and G, start finger-picking, learn to transpose songs, do some reading of tablature (note playing method), and be able to split the group according to levels.  More fun singing and playing!  This class gets invited to perform at events (optional).

Ukulele in the Classroom

Preschool or elementary classroom teachers, librarians, caregivers & anyone who works with children will learn how to play the ukulele for use in their work.  We'll also play some adult songs for fun!   The ukulele is much quicker to learn than guitar and easier on the hands.  It is extremely lightweight and sounds great with all kinds of music, from folk to jazz.   Imagine pulling out your ukulele in class for a song to teach about science, or to play a funny song, good morning song or relaxation song!   No matter what age you teach, the ukulele will bring surprise and joy to your students.  Amy Conley, M.Ed., has been teaching and performing music in preschool programs, after-school programs and elementary schools for over 25 years.   Class materials include a ukulele, tuner, book and songsheets (separate tuition if you own a ukulele).  Number of weeks varies by session.   45 minute class.  Amy is certified as an Allied Professional with the NH Department of Early Childhood so CEU's are available for this class.   Songs appropriate for teachers and caregivers who work with babies up to the early grades.

The Kukuleles

People in this group are familiar with many songs in The Daily Ukulele, can read chord diagrams quickly including the jazz chords, and sometimes like to perform at local events.  This is for Intermediate players who are comfortable learning new chords/songs and enjoy singing for fun. Students are not obligated to join in any performances but are invited to perform for farmers' markets, festivals, and other events.  We have performed at Union Coffee Co, Ledgewood Bay,  the Pine Hill Holiday Fair,  the UUCM holiday fair, the Milford Pumpkin Festival, High Mowing School May Day and the Amherst Middle School Family Fair, to name a few.  Students may sign up for any events they are interested in.  Open to all students who have completed Ukulele Intermediate Class or demonstrate appropriate skill.

Little Ukesters

Beginning ukulele for children ages 6-12 with adults who accompany them.  Soprano Luna turtle design (honu) mahogany ukulele included.  Tuning, chords and songs with rhythm games, movement and more. 

Bluegrass for Banjo, Uke, Guitar

Come sing & play your guitar, banjo or ukulele in a fun group setting and expand your song repertoire and skills, focusing on bluegrass music.  Amy will provide lyrics and chords to new songs each week (bring a binder).   After establishing strumming or picking rhythms, there will be three levels of playing suggested: Students should be at an advanced beginner level, knowing your basic major and minor chords.

Beginning Guitar

This class is for Beginners or those wanting to get "back into" guitar playing after an extended absence.  Chords, strum patterns and singing in a fun, non-performance-oriented group setting.  Adults and Teens.  There will be singing involved!

Private Lessons (Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo)

Amy Conley believes that everyone can be musical if given a nurturing musical environment and positive, enjoyable instruction based on personal interests.  Register online for your first lesson and consultation where we will talk about your level and interests, learn about your musical background, and try some new things!  Discounted 10  lessons (30 min.) for $200, or by the week $25 for 30 minutes, $35. for 45 minutes, or $45 for one hour.  Semi-private lessons are fun-- you can come with a friend -- one hour for $50.  Held in Milford NH.  Ages 6 to 106.

First Lesson is $35 for a 45 minute lesson, register online and further lessons can be 30-60 min. 

December Themed Classes

Your baby and/or older child will love these special Nashua and Milford classes in December!  Winter Holiday Traditions, Stuffed Animal Jamborees, Beach Parties!  Great songs, dances, instruments, dancing props, puppets...  See this page for complete listing of dates, times, and themes!  Special pricing per family; come for one class or come for many!

Guitar & Ukulele Repertoire

If you know some basic major and minor chords, but would like to learn more songs and techniques for strumming, picking, bass runs, etc, this is the perfect class for you to enjoy in the company of other music-lovers.  Folk, classic rock, soft rock, bluegrass, R&B, traditional. Take-home exercises to prepare you for the new challenge of the week.  Prerequisite:  You must be able to play, or willing to learn, major, minor and seventh chords  (C, D, E, F, G, A, B).  Bring your guitar, or ukulele, a three-ring binder, capo.

Ukulele Intro (4 wks)

This is a shorter session for those who would like to start the ukulele in just four classes.  You will learn how to play many songs in the key of C!    Songbook, The Daily Ukulele, is included in tuition.   Ukuleles are also available for those who need one.

Beatle-Lovers Jam

Sing, play, laugh and enjoy many Beatles songs.  Guitar, ukuleles, percussion  welcome.  Lyrics and chords will be provided.  All ages welcome.  45 min. class. 

Super Saturdays

Super Saturdays meets twice a month for an hour on Saturday mornings.  Families can come sing, play, drum, dance, explore Amy's instruments, and enjoy music!   Guitar, ukulele, keyboard, banjo will play along.  All ages are welcome and encouraged to try it!   The family that sings together loves music forever.   Twice a month from January through April, usually the second and fourth Saturday.

Banjo Beginners

Five String Banjo styles explained, basic chords to play any folk and bluegrass songs, picking styles and more to get you on the way to enjoying this great instrument!   Amy has a lot of experience with beginning banjo players..... she has been one for over twenty years!  The myths and secrets of banjo playing revealed.  Step by step, clear instructions will make you a master of the beginner banjo!  After ten weeks, you'll be ready to play beginning banjo like a beginner and ready to advance to a more advanced teacher as well!  Come with a beginner's mind....and ready to have fun!

Banjo Advanced Beginners

This is a continuation of the Banjo Beginners class (prerequisite)

Parent-Child Ukulele

For children ages 7 to 12, this class includes a Kala ukulele, song pack and fun for children and adults.  Strum and sing songs together!  When registering, list the child as "student."   Discount for siblings! 

Clawhammer Banjo

Come learn this technique using one fingernail and your thumb.  Clawhammer has a unique old-time mountain feel that is different from bluegrass, and a bit easier to learn!    Look up any Clawhammer video on youtube to hear the difference.   Five-string banjo required.

Ukulele Mini-Session

Need a quick introduction to begin your ukulele experience?   Or don't have time for 10 week session?   Come to the three week mini-session for adults and teens who want to learn basic chords, strums and resources so that you can continue to learn efficiently. There is also a rental program for those who want to try it without purchasing an instrument.  Ages 13 to adult. 

Adult Adv. Beginner Guitar/Uke

Strumming and picking patterns used in pop, rock, folk, blues, gospel, bluegrass music along with some note-reading, and many great songs!  Gain an understanding of chords and the confidence to continue on your own.  Class materials to bring:  your guitar or ukulele, tuner (guitarists: flat pick, capo, binder, tuner).  

Folksongs on Guitar/Ukulele

Bring your guitar, banjo, ukulele or mandolin and learn traditional songs from the world of folk, bluegrass, gospel, blues, from many continents.  These songs have been handed down through the generations for their beauty or storyline.  Singers welcome, ability to read music is not required.   Words and chords to songs will be provided each week.  Expand your repertoire while having fun!   This is an advanced beginner/intermediate level class.  

Uke'n Move

A community music-making experience with movement!  For adults or school aged children (with parent if under age 13), we'll combine musicianship (learn basic ukulele chords and play by ear using simple  I, IV, V7 chords), rhythm (drums and rhythm instruments provided for all ages) and movement for exercise and fun.  No prior musical experience necessary, but even advanced ukulele players will enjoy this practice with singing and moving.   We will also make use of scarves and other props when our fingers get tired.  Perfect for homeschoolers, retirees, and music-lovers of all ages.  One Kala ukulele is included in the tuition.  More are available to borrow.  There will be lots of singing as well as moving to recorded music or our percussion and ukulele music.