Current Projects

This summer has been a time of reflection and reorganization, as a teacher and as an artist. I started a Songwriters' Circle along with Derek Russell Fimbel at Union Coffee that meets monthly.  This summer at Traditional Music and Dance Camp I also was reintroduced to many styles of singing that I love, specifically maritime and old English pub songs!   So I am working on creating some Pub Sings in Milford, New Hampshire (so that we can enjoy them here, rather than drive an hour to find one!).   I also am wishing to promote the wonderful art of community folkdance that is already happening so much in this area, but that needs to reach more people.   It is wonderful to see the joy when people discover how much fun this community music and dance experience can be!  

Ukulele classes in Milford are keeping me busy and I am very happy representing The Magic Fluke ukuleles made in Massachusetts.  I am also proud to continue my relationship with the Music Together® family of directors and am celebrating my 20th anniversary of bringing this program to young families in New Hampshire.

Needless to say, all this must include getting away from my phone and computer, which is a good thing.  Email is my preferred method of communication, as archaic as that sounds, because I have easier ways of sorting and keeping track of things!  

 Thank you for your interest.  Best wishes to you in all your endeavors!