Monthly Musings

October, 2020

This is my favorite month in New Hampshire.   Brilliant colors greet me each morning, amplified by the beautiful morning mist when I manage to get up and out early enough.   The work (floor/ceiling/windows/walls) is practically finished by professionals in the music studio, with much painting by me to be done. As I read, write, walk and teach, I am grateful to my students who bring their joy, enthusiasm and a desire to learn.   We are the music-makers and sing we will, separated by glass and across the miles. 

This month I became a dealer for Journey instruments (guitars, ukuleles, bass).   Their claim to fame is a beautiful sounding travel guitar with a removeable neck!  I'm getting excited about organizing a Mountain Jam in the spring, where we can bring our instruments to higher elevations ("... the hills are aliiiiiive....).   Anyone can come along, the only requirement is that you wear clothing made out of drapes.   Hence the advance warning, maybe you'll have time to make those before spring.  

Be well, take care.  Carry on!


Beaver are ready

for winter's harsh symphony,

surrounded by sticks.