Monthly Musings & Haiku

April 2021

Spring approaches, and I am grateful for all those who made this past year bearable by coming to Music Together®, Ukulele and Guitar classes on Zoom.    There are many things I love about teaching online.    First, people who live too far to come to classes in person get to join me!     Second, it allows me to use more technology to teach..... need a whiteboard lesson?  Voila!   Need to show a video, there!   Need to share music without paper copies?    Easy!

People are still asking about outdoor classes.   My current plan is this.    Keep doing online classes, but add some outdoor events for people who live in the area.  But check back to my website or make sure you join my email list for upcoming events and classes!    Thank you!


Alone in my house

protected from rain and wind

but missing my peeps

haiku & digital image by Amy Conley