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Music Together® Online (Adult/Child)

Music Together Online programs offer a mixed-age, research-based, parent/caregiver-child home class for infants, toddlers, preschoolers & kindergarten children.  Loved the world over, there are songs, instrument play, rhythm chants, and movement activities taught in a creative yet structured setting. Music is learned through play, with activities that support and respect the unique learning styles of very young children. Music Together classes also nourish a family's efforts to create a rich and joyful musical environment at home, regardless of parents' musical abilities, with wonderful supporting materials such as the Hello Everybody app. downloads and CD, songbook and activity ideas.  The program develops each child's innate potential to gain basic music competence (singing in tune with accurate rhythm) while fostering a love of music for life-long enjoyment and developing cognitive, emotional and motor skills.  Read what parents and grandparents have to say about Amy Conley's teaching  here.       REGISTER

Screen time isn’t generally recommended for babies and toddlers, but here’s the difference: YOU! When children stare at a screen alone, they don’t take it in the same way, nor do they learn in the same way, as when they have the active participation of a caregiver or parent. SO, just like in our classes, you’re still the most important part. It is truly the interaction of the parent/caregiver with their child that is going to nurture a young child's music development!  Our class and the songbook will also give you lots of ideas for doing music all week.

Ukulele Beginners Intro (Adults)

Four-week sessions, online Zoom class for new Beginners (Adults/Teens/Kids over 10).  We will cover basic chords and songs in the key of C.  No music experience necessary!  Ukuleles are popular around the world because of their ease of playing, wonderful sound, portability and versatility.  Playing music and singing has been shown to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system, and learning an instrument is great for the adult brain!  Tuition  $60,  Second member of household is half-price.  REGISTER  


Ukulele Adv. Beg. (Adults)

Four week session via live Zoom.  For students who are very comfortable playing the chords C, Am, F, G7, C7, Em, Dm, D7   OR  have taken Ukulele Beginners Cont.  Learn new chords and more songs in the key of C from The Daily Ukulele, 365 Songs for Daily Living (required text, order here) read TAB, fingerpick, and get used to the Key of G chords, thereby giving you two options for your vocal range when deciding which key to play/sing in.   REGISTER

Ukulele Intermediate Adults

Four weeks via live Zoom, for students who have completed at least two semesters of Advanced Beginner or demonstrate comparable skills  (if you can easily play major and minor chords in the keys of C, G, D and F,  strum in several patterns, fingerpick).    We'll be doing more jazz songs and songs with many chords. Required,  The Daily Ukulele, 365 Songs for Daily Living by Jim and Liz Beloff, order online.  REGISTER

The Kukuleles (Adults)

For Intermediate players who are familiar with many songs in The Daily Ukulele (yellow book and blue book are used in this class), can read/learn chord diagrams quickly, want to increase their ukulele skills and would enjoy performing at local events (optional).  Open to all students who have completed Intermediate Ukulele class or new students who demonstrate appropriate skill. Learn harmonies to popular old songs, picking patterns, percussive rhythm strumming, and jazz chords.   Several time slots a week avail (and makeup opportunities if you miss a class).  REGISTER

Private Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Piano

Everyone can be musical if given a nurturing musical environment and positive, enjoyable instruction based on personal interests. Beginner Piano,  Beginner Banjo, Guitar (Beg. and Adv. Beg), Ukulele (Beginner, Adv. Beginner) for adults and children over 8 yrs old.  Call (six zero three) 249-9560 to schedule. $25 for 30 minutes, Semi-private lessons are also fun with a friend -- one hour for $50.  Payable in groups of four weeks.  Held online with the Zoom application.  Also Music For Health & Joy enrichment using a variety of materials such as piano, bass, ukulele, drums, xylophone, bells, shakers, scarves, balls and more,  for children or adults with unique learning needs (individual or groups, 45 min. Tuition varies).  

Ukulele Beginner Cont.

For people who have already taken four weeks of Ukulele Beginner Intro, or can easily play chords C, Am, F, G7, C7, and change quickly from one to the other.  .   REGISTER   Required text,  The Daily Ukulele by Jim and Liz Beloff, order online, Here  We will play lots of songs with chords you already know, learn some new chords, and learn new strums and picking patterns in order to play on your own and play simple songs by ear (not looking at music).  Lots of fun with this amazing instrument!

Ukulele Adv Beg Cont

For those who have taken at least four weeks of Ukulele Advanced Beginner.  REGISTER

Ukulele Intermediate Cont.

For students who have already taken four weeks or more of Ukulele Intermediate,  or demonstrate appropriate skills.   Call Amy if you have questions about your level.    Books needed,  The Daily Ukulele and The Daily Ukulele Leap Year Edition.

Ukulele Fingerpicking

Designed for any students who are familiar with key of C chords (Cm Am F G7 E7) and key of G chords (G Em C D7),  we will learn several ways to get good at fingerpicking and plucking, and learn to read Tablature also, playing melodies on the uke as well as chords.    Required:   The Daily Ukulele songbook,  Hal Leonard (yellow edition).     For adults,  but children over 10 are welcome to join you.  4 weeks,  $60,  Second person in household, $30.  (Class will be followed by four weeks of  Ukulele Strumming on the same day and time starting second week of Feb)

Ukulele Strumming

Designed for Advanced Beginners and Intermediate students,  we will learn several ways to get better at strumming, and how to decide which strum goes with each song.   Required:   The Daily Ukulele songbook,  Hal Leonard (yellow edition).     For adults,  but children over 10 are welcome to join you.  4 weeks,  $60,  Second person in household, $30. 

Ukulele Level 3

Ukulele Level 3 is for students who have taken Advanced Beginner and want to continue mastering chord progressions in the key of C and the key of G, with an introduction to the keys of D and A.    Fingerpicking and Strumming will also be further developed, along with a classical song using TAB method of reading.   

Easy Jazz Ukulele

You can play major and minor chords, so now let's learn some jazz songs with a few new chords mixed in with those that you already know!   Lots of shuffle strumming, plus the Jazz-Ring strum.   We use The Daily Ukulele: 365 Songs For Daily Living  (yellow book), available online if you do not already have it.   Four weeks of jazzy fun!

Ukulele Family Beginners

On Zoom for Spring, learn with your child (ages 6 and up) in a small group 30 minute class where you will learn the basics of ukulele and some fun songs!   This is an 8 week Intro class, no book needed until week 4 (Alfred's Kids Ukulele book 1).  $120 per family for 8 weeks.

Family Music in Nature

We will make music outside among the trees, birds and insects.    We will sing,  dance, play instruments we bring from home, and act out animal songs.   Amy will play her guitar, banjo, ukulele or drum.  Songsheets will be available before each class via our private webpage.    Bring to class:  large blanket/groundcover,  bag of rhythm instruments, water.   After our 40 minute class,  you can explore the garden or beautiful trails with your children!   Portapotties or restrooms will be onsite.  Six weeks,  by Donation.  Held at Beaver Brook reservation,  Hollis NH website   Park in the main parking area near portapotties and look for Amy in the light blue or green baseball hat!

Ukulele Family Beginners Continued

Continuing where we left off, more songs, fun, games, and learning the ukulele as a family!

Family Percussion Circle

Bring your children to a drum and percussion circle.    We will not be singing but will be playing rhythm games,  chanting fun animal (and vegetable) chants,  drumming on djembe,  adding a variety of sounds like shakers and bells,  and moving as well.

Held outdoors,  bring chairs and blanket,  any drums or fun percussion you might have at home (I will also provide instruments), masks.

Bathroom available inside church building.    Rain cancels the event.   By Donation.

Songs of Healing, Hope and Humor

Amy Conley performs songs that offer hope for a just and peaceful world, healing for our planet and all people, and a dash of humor.    Banjo, Guitar, Ukulele.   Held on Zoom.    All donations will go to benefit SHARE, which provides emergency and ongoing support to individuals and families in need in Milford, Amherst, Brookline, and Mont Vernon NH (Food, clothing, emergency financial assistance and linkages to other area resources.)