What People Say

"Music Together® with Amy Conley is the best parent-child program that we've been enrolled in."

Jenny L., Milford, NH

"What a wonderful class full of fun, learning, self expression and growth!"

Sara D., Nashua NH

We loved our Amy’s Family Jam class this summer!  The combination of high energy, innovative music and activities, and familiar structure made it great for all ages. What a perfect application of Amy’s extensive experience and amazing talents.  How fortunate we are to have such a strong program available to us locally. 

Suzy B., Nashua

An Amazing Class!  I never felt very musically inclined until I started taking my daughter to Music Together. This class really changed how I interact with my daughter (I'm not hesitant to belt out some music!) and it is so rewarding to hear her singing all the time. Really, the most amazing part is to see her "get" the beat or pick up the lyrics and so on. I also love that the music is unique so it's not likely that you've heard it before." 

Eliza W., Nashua

"Miss Amy," as we call her, is a phenomenal teacher, singer, artist, person. She is a natural leader, besides being able to let loose and have fun. As moms have said already, she is incredibly talented, informative, and observant. There is a certain pleasant fluidity to each and every class, no matter how varied the make-up. Amy brings as much energy to every MT class as she does to any performance, or recording, or live music night.  We love her too!!

Katie, Amherst

Amy makes class so relaxed and fun, interactive and child-centered. Her knowledge of different instruments and the ability to play them for the kids adds so much! Parents and children are encouraged to freely express themselves with the music (makes it really personal and fun). Music Together of Milford is such a joyful place; it's obvious that the teachers truly love what they do!

Alexa G., Amherst

"My daughter is singing entire songs and is actively enjoying music more than I ever imagined. Seeing the program carry over into the home is just wonderful!"

Parent evaluation form

"My granddaughters love the Music Together classes we attend. Amy sings and plays the guitar, banjo, keyboard, harmonica, accordion, and drums during the course of the generally 10 week session. I have three granddaughters and have been attending classes for nearly 5.5 years (17 sessions) and can't rave about Amy and the MT program enough. It's been a wonderful learning experience for the girls plus we've met some good friends too."

Elise D., Milford

"I truly enjoy Music Together...Initially people thought it was silly to have my son (who was under one) become involved with a music program. However, it was quickly evident how much he has developed from the program, both socially and musically. He truly loves making and listening to music; hopefully this interest will follow him through his childhood."

Kristin W., Nashua

Our experience with Amy Conley has been wonderful. My children have been participating in Music Together with Amy for a few years now and love it. She truly has taught them so much and I am thankful that they have had the opportunity to learn from such a great instructor. Amy has such a great talent for working with the children and making the environment conducive to learning the fundamentals of music. I am always impressed with Amy's ability to read the queues of the children and modify the flow of the class if necessary. Music is a big piece of my children's life and I have Amy to thank for a lot of this.

Jena, Merrimack

"We are looking forward to enjoying music with you again. I strongly believe our participation with Music Together over the past two years was a huge influence on Quincy's interest in music, instruments and singing."

Marcie S., New Boston

A truly unique gift you can give your child that has long lasting benefits.
Having attended Music Together classes for almost 5 years now, I can truly say that Amy does a great job in providing the kind of learning that so few children get. Her understanding of music and early childhood development are above the norm. She offers to small children a broad spectrum of musical instruments to get to know and play, as well as fun while learning tempo, language and movement. Classes are geared to age 0-5 years, and Amy does well in incorporating all the different needs and abilities for each child. I can honestly not say anything negative about the amazing gift Music Together has provided for our family. My daughter is a composer and singer, and the class has helped her to express her musical skills further.

Andrea M., Manchester

"My daughter lights up at music class; what a blast for all of us! I love that I can bring my newborn. Exceeded my expectations."

Amy U., Milford

I have taken 3 Music Together classes (just signed up for a 4th) with Amy and we love it! It is such a nice bonding experience for mother (or father) and child. The CDs are great...many of the songs have become family favorites. My daughter loves to dance now and I think the classes have really helped her socially as well. I really like the Nashua location...very clean and open room. Amy is great with the kids. Very friendly and fun. Very welcoming. I look forward to many more Music Together classes!

Jenn F., Nashua

Thank you for making a difference in Derek's life and providing him with a fantastic musical foundation and enriching my musical knowledge as well!

Heather G., Merrimack

My daughter loves Music Together!  I can't say enough good things about this program or Amy. When my daughter was 18 months old, we saw Amy perform at the Milford Pumpkin Festival. My daughter, who usually never stops moving, was mesmorized for a whole hour. We signed up for the classes a few weeks later and are hooked. I am amazed at how much of the lyrics she remembers from songs we haven't played in months. She will now at 2 1/2 randomly start singing the songs. We also had Amy come perform for her 2nd birthday, and the kids had a blast. Amy is super talented and can play many instruments and lets the kids try them all out too. The classes keep the kids engaged, moving, playing instruments, and singing. Highly recommended!

Michelle L., Merrimack

"Might I say that Samuel is playing piano and Maggie is now a budding violinist. Their exposure to music at Music Together of MIlford gave them a foundation for learning their instruments more quickly."

Sarah-Elizabeth W., Concord

Our family has done two years of classes with Music Together of Milford. Classes are perfect for young kids -- lots of variety, opportunities to get up and be active, and introductions to different instruments, tonal structures, and ways of music making. Each season's music collection has songs both familiar and new-- and great to use at home, in the car, and everywhere! Amy has been a great teacher and music-making model for my children.

Natalie B., Merrimack

Thank you for exposing Johnathan to so many wonderful sounds, rythms and instruments. He loves to sing and play music. We listen to music daily and he loves both of his Music Together CD's.

Kristin & Paul S., Wilton


My daughter and I took Music Together classes with Amy several times and always had a wonderful time. She is very talented and plays several instruments and always offers those instruments to the curious hands of her students. She is patient, informative and very entertaining!!! I look forward to more classes with her soon!


Jenny S., Merrimack

Thank you so much for offering a wonderful and enriching class. Robert's love of music has grown and we all enjoy the songs on the CD.

Cindy A., Milford

"Very welcoming and delightful atmosphere!"

Stephanie R., Milford


We have participated in Music Together with Amy for 4.5 years. The Music Together curriculum encourages playful interaction between adult and child and inspires us to be musical in our daily life. Amy is a fun, thoughtful, and caring teacher.


Karin C., Nashua

"My two-year old son and I have been attending Music Together classes in Milford for about three months. It's Evan's favorite activity! He loves making music and dancing, whether it's at home or music class. The other day, he went to our CD rack and pulled one off - it happened to be a Beethoven CD. He wanted to listen to it, so I put it on. He listened intently for a long time and then he asked me, "What's this called, Mommy?" I told him it was Beethoven. He replied, "It's about animals." Then with each song he said, "This is about a mouse" and he tiptoed around the room pretending to be a mouse. When the next song came on, he said, "This is about a bird" and he flapped his arms and pretended he was flying. I was amazed at his ability to interpret music at such a young age. It was a moment i will always remember.
I'm grateful to you, Amy, for helping to nurture Evan's love of music. I hope it is something that he continues to enjoy throughout his life."

Alexa G., Amherst

We've been coming to MT for two and a half years and love the program!  My son has learned so much about music.   At home, he sings, dances, plays instruments and repeats rhythm patterns, and creates his own.  This program is a "must do" with your child!

Karin C, Nashua

Great music curriculum... Amy is extremely good with all the children's needs.  There is a rhythm to the class and 45 minutes goes by so quickly!  We love it.

Margaret R., Merrimack

This has been such a positive experience for me and my girls.

Janine M, Nashua

Music Together is a fabulous opportunity to expose your children to music at any age and truly instill a love of music in them.  Kids at all ages love it!

Alice H, Amherst

My daughter looks forward to class every week.  Mid-week she'll ask me, "Do you remember music class?"

Kathy L., Milford

We have been attending Music Together classes with Amy for the last seven years.  My family loves the music and the program has provided a wonderful music foundation for our three children.

Sarah R, Milford

Music Together is a complete joy and has created a love of music in my children that will last a lifetime!

Maggie S, Peterborough

We love MT!  The teachers are tremendously respectful of all learning styles.  My two year old stands quietly and listens/watches while my four year old wanders around hugging other kids and jumping up and down.  They both have a place here.  Amy is very insightful and supportive.  Sometimes she understands what they're up to before i do!

Kathryn H, Hollis