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May 2019

My heart goes out to all those dealing with this pandemic, either personally or by serving the needs of others with healthcare, food, transportation, energy and more. This year our music conferences and gatherings are cancelled, as well as our professional work performing music.   All my lessons and classes have moved online, so I am grateful to be able to do that work (In March class attendance dropped down 50% so I immediately spent a weekend learning Zoom--with support from friends and strangers online--and moved to that format).  It works very well for some children and adult learners, a few have decided to wait for in-person classes.   I'm also grateful to have some far-away friends and relatives joining my ukulele classes!

It's difficult to think of all the people struggling economically now and in the future ...  how will we restructure our society so that all people will have their basic needs met?    That question is both frightening and hopeful.   I hope their are ways we can help each other even during quarantine.   This is always in my mind, yet it's easy to distract myself by teaching and helping students, as if things are normal.   In New Hampshire we are lucky for the open space and forest to enjoy, and general lack of crowds.

Thank you for supporting artists and teachers during this time.  Best wishes to you and yours.