Monthly Musings

August 22, 2020

I'm missing my daughter in Baltimore, but glad to have a son living at home, and another son nearby in Maine.   My husband prepares to teach his high school students online.  So far, we are all healthy.  My dog and I take frequent walks to photograph the natural beauty of late summer.  The quiet skies are a welcome byproduct of less air travel and give us a feeling of calm.  I hope you can find some peace in nature too! 

Joys and sorrows seem magnified these days.  The birth of my adorable grand-niece in March and this week seeing Kamala Harris, first woman of color vice-presidential candidate being nominated, are joys that stand out starkly against this season of pandemic hardships, deaths of loved ones and violence in the world.  And while I am separated from social events I'm so fond of (including hugging my mom and daughter), there seems to be a growing unity in working toward racial justice, healthcare and gender equality. This gives me hope.

This summer I also feel very fortunate to have the help of singer, songwriter, educator and producer Nancy Beaudette.   Check out her music here.  She is coaching me on using music software, writing songs and recording them.  It's an exciting challenge and she is a wonderful teacher!

I look forward to welcoming my students to our renovated music studio sometime in 2021!