The Kukuleles (Adults)
Amy Conley
Milford Studio (location map)
Monday, 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM
09/09/19 - 11/04/19 (9 weeks)


People in this group are familiar with many songs in The Daily Ukulele, can read chord diagrams quickly including the jazz chords, and sometimes like to perform at local events.  This is for Intermediate players who are comfortable learning new chords/songs and enjoy singing for fun.  Students may sign up for any performances they are interested in, or none at all.  Open to all students who have completed Ukulele Intermediate Class or demonstrate appropriate skill. Several classes (and makeup opportunities if you miss a class).

Upcoming Meetings
10/14/19    3:00 PM Monday 10/14/19 3:00 PM
10/21/19    3:00 PM Monday 10/21/19 3:00 PM
10/28/19    3:00 PM Monday 10/28/19 3:00 PM
11/04/19    3:00 PM Monday 11/04/19 3:00 PM