Ukulele Beginner Cont.
Amy Conley
Online (location info)
Thursday, 12:01 PM - 12:46 PM
10/22/20 - 11/12/20 (4 weeks)


For people who have already taken four weeks of Ukulele Beginner Intro, or can easily play chords C, Am, F, G7, C7, and change quickly from one to the other.  .   REGISTER   Required text,  The Daily Ukulele by Jim and Liz Beloff (order online).  We will play lots of songs with chords you already know, learn some new chords, and learn new strums and picking patterns in order to play on your own and play simple songs by ear (not looking at music).  Lots of fun with this amazing instrument!

Upcoming Meetings
10/29/20    12:01 PM Thursday 10/29/20 12:01 PM
11/05/20    12:01 PM Thursday 11/05/20 12:01 PM
11/12/20    12:01 PM Thursday 11/12/20 12:01 PM