Here are the classes currently available, taught by Amy Conley.

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Music Together® (Adult/Child)

Music Together programs around the world offer a mixed-age, research-based, parent/caregiver-child class for infants, toddlers, preschoolers & kindergarten children.  Songs, instrument play, rhythm chants, and movement activities taught in a creative yet structured setting. Music is learned through play, with activities that support and respect the unique learning styles of very young children. Music Together classes also nourish a family's efforts to create a rich and joyful musical environment at home, regardless of parents' musical abilities, with wonderful take-home materials.  The program develops each child's innate potential to gain basic music competence (singing in tune with accurate rhythm) while fostering a love of music for life-long enjoyment and developing cognitive, emotional and motor skills.  Read what parents and grandparents have to say here.  Video on the homepage



Ukulele Beginners (Adults)

Class for Beginners (Adults/Teens/Kids over 11)  wishing to learn a wonderful instrument and many styles of music.  No previous music knowledge necessary!  Ukuleles have gained recent popularity all over the country because of their ease of playing, wonderful sound, portability and musical versatility.  We'll sing and play in a group (group singing has been shown to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system), working in the key of C.  Songbook is The Daily Ukulele with 365 songs. If you need a ukulele, call Amy at 249-9560.


Ukulele Adv. Beg. (Adults)

For students who are comfortable playing the chords C, Am, F, G, G7, C7, Em, Dm ...  OR  have taken Ukulele Beginners.  Learn new chords and more songs in the key of C from The Daily Ukulele, as well as songs in the key of G, fingerpicking and reading Tablature.

The Kukuleles (Adults)

People in this group are familiar with many songs in The Daily Ukulele, can read chord diagrams quickly including the jazz chords, and sometimes like to perform at local events.  This is for Intermediate players who are comfortable learning new chords/songs and enjoy singing for fun.  Students may sign up for any performances they are interested in, or none at all.  Open to all students who have completed Ukulele Intermediate Class or demonstrate appropriate skill. Several classes (and makeup opportunities if you miss a class).

Americana Classics: Sing & Play (Adults)

Enjoy playing music with other people, while improving your skills at the same time.  Guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, baritone ukulele players, iconic songs by Dylan, Baez, Seeger, Cash, Guthrie, Nelson and more.   We'll use the book Americana Classics (Hal Leonard pub) from the Strum Together series.  Level: Adv. Beg.- Intermediate.   $126. for 9 weeks, includes the songbook.  


Private Lessons (Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo)

Amy Conley believes that everyone can be musical if given a nurturing musical environment and positive, enjoyable instruction based on personal interests.  Register online for your first lesson and consultation where we will talk about your level and interests, learn about your musical background, and try some new things!  $25 for 30 minutes, $35. for 45 minutes, or $45 for one hour.  Semi-private lessons are also fun-- you can come with a friend -- one hour for $50.  Held in Milford NH.  Ages 7 to Adults.

First Lesson is $25 for a 30 minute lesson, Call to set up a lesson!   603-249-9560 


Babies & Bears Music

This is a three week session for parents or caregivers of babies and preschoolers (birth to age 6).  Bring your teddybear or special soft toy and we will sing, dance, explore rhythms and rhymes, and learn the best ways to develop musical intelligence at home.   Choose Temple Beth Abraham in Nashua or Music Together of Milford (NH) 20-on Mon, Tues, or Thurs. mornings from May 20 - June 6.  Amy plays guitar, banjo and ukulele.  Families will explore a variety of rhythm instruments and props.  $45/family.

Music For Health & Joy Family Class

For early childhood and homeschool families, we connect with elders at an assisted living facility and explore music using voices, percussion instruments, dance and creativity.  Amy plays guitar, banjo, piano or ukulele in class and a variety of movement props are used such as scarves, hoops, streamers, drums, bells and more.   A multigenerational chorus of voices and movement designed to connect members of our society who are often separated.   Held at Bridges in Nashua NH (575 Amherst Street) on Friday mornings at 10:30.   Free demo class on August 23, spaces limited-- call 603-249-9560.