Current Projects

This May I had an amazing time with Music Together® directors from around the world.   Dr. Lili Levinowitz shared her research on music and the brain,  CEO Susan Darrow spoke of the commitment to diversity and justice when choosing Music Together songs, Gerry Dignan led amazing sessions and we spent lots of time singing and dancing together.  Here are some of us!     

Recently I was on a cable TV show,The Health View, hosted by Yvonne Dunetz, speaking about the benefits of Music Together classes for brain development.  In June I will be on The Curious Giraffe show with Dorothy Cresswell, sharing the ukulele with children.  It's a little nerve-wracking to go on live TV, but it's a good thing to push myself!   These TV hosts put a lot of research and love into their shows.   I am grateful to them for asking me!

I will be sure to report my travels this summer at a later date (Fall).    Keep singing!