Beginner Class

Thank you for attending one of my Ukulele Playshops or Beginner Ukulele Classes.   New online classes (4 week sessions) are starting each month for all levels!  For class schedule, click here I also travel to libraries and community centers for Ukulele Beginner Playshops & concerts for all ages.

TUNING help here at ukulele tuner with sound  and there are many other apps for your smartphone.   Consider a clip-on tuner such as a Snark ($10-13) from your local music store.  String names are GCEA (Goats Can Eat Apples), from the top.  When talking about strings, know that the top string (G) is called the fourth, the next (C) is the third, the next (E) is the second, and A is the first string.

YOUTUBE   Cynthia Lin Beginner Lesson (Three Little Birds)     

Cynthia Lin Chucking Lesson


Beginning Ukulele - Important Information  Please print

Ukulele Chords to Start With  Please print

Two-Chord Songs with Shuffle Strum F, C7

Down in the Valley in C  C, G7

El Condor Pasa (Simon & Garfunkel)  (Am, C, F)     Great song for beginners (video below)   

Da Doo Ron Ron (C, F, G7)  Fun song with C, F, G7

Three Little Birds   by Bob Marley,  C, F, G7

You Ain't Going Nowhere   C, Dm, F (video below)

You Are My Sunshine  C, C7, F, G7

If I Had a Hammer in C    C, F, G7, Am

Down by The Riverside, Skip to My Lou, Down in the Valley  Play along with audio clips below!

BOOKS:  The Daily Ukulele: 365 Songs For Daily Living (yellow), publisher Hal Leonard, created by Jim and Liz Beloff.  This is the songbook I use for Beginner Continued, Advanced Beginner, Advanced Beginner Continued, and Intermediate classes.    This is a list of songs from the book in the Key of C with less than 5 chords, please print it if you are signed up for a class (not needed for Beginner Intro. Class) 

Be Amazed!   Listen to a wonderful young player, Taimane Gardner  Here       

And the world-famous Jake Shimabukuro!

Many thanks to Seth Connelly of Humming Lake Studio for recording me singing and playing some songs for you.   Amazing Grace is on page 21 of The Daily Ukulele.


Short lesson on the Shuffle strum! 

Lesson on G7 chord (G Dominant 7)

The Kukuleles: El Condor Pasa.  We have our own Youtube channel where you will find us performing Daydream Believer, Blue Skies, I've Just Seen a Face, Bye bye Love, Love Potion #9, Happy Together, Come Go With Me, Sing (a Song) and more from The Daily Ukulele book.  

The Kukuleles: You Ain't Going Nowhere (Thanks to Hippy Hollow Studio)


Enjoy your ukulele!