Ukulele Playshops

Thank you for attending one of my Ukulele Playshops!  Along with my teaching my ukulele classes in Milford NH (see schedule here),  I also travel to sites in NH, MA and around the country.  Please call 603-249-9560 if you are interested in setting one up in your community.

TUNING help here at ukulele tuner with sound   Once you get a basic idea of the sound, purchase a digital clip-on tuner to fine tune it!  String names are GCEA (Goats Can Eat Apples)

Feeling stuck?   Try this Youtube channel,  Cynthia Lin Beginner Lesson (Three Little Birds) 

Here is a handout called Uke Chords to Start With 

Below are some Audio clips (thanks to Seth Connelly for the recording session at Humming Lake Studio in Brookline NH) and click  here.  for a printout of some.


Listen to The Kukuleles performing El Condor Pasa at the Nashua Ukulele Picnic in 2014.  The chords are easy,  Am and C for the verse, and then F and C for the chorus. We used some fingerpicking, thumb picking and strumming in an Even rhythm.  You can print the chords and lyrics HERE.

Just an example of another strum! 

This Bob Dylan song, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, is also very easy on the ukulele, using C, Dm, F, C  in a repeating pattern, done with the Shuffle strum. Print the chords/lyrics HERE


Soon I'll add some videos of the shuffle strum and the even strum for you!   Enjoy your ukulele!